About FonoLibro Store

Many customers like to know about the company and the people who produce the products they buy. Here we will tell you a little about us and FonoLibro.


Our Company

FonoLibro Inc. is a new company located in Miami Florida, which focuses on the production and distribution of audio books in Spanish. We are new to the audiobook industry, however our management has over 40 years of experience producing programs for television and radio drama with great success.



Our company has the support and advice of Archimedes Rivero, who is considered by many critics to be the Father or the Latin American telenovela Czar. He has been the producer of the most famous novels in Latin America, the United States and Spain, as Cristal, La Dama de Rosa, Abigail, the Usurper, Cara Sucia, Rosangelica, Paradise, Secret Love, The Revenge, The Country of the Women, Deceived, Gata Salvaje and dozens of others.


We are leveraging our experience to produce audiobooks in Spanish of excellent quality, as no company was doing so far. Our titles are narrated and performed by leading figures in the radio and television in Latin America. The quality of our audiobooks are comparable to those produced by the best and most important publishers of audiobooks in English.



"Our mission is to become the world leader in the production and distribution of audio books in Spanish. But also make a difference bringing literature, education, support, inspiration and entertainment to people who do not have time to read or who have a disability to do so. "