Customer Service

Customer Service

  • Shipping & Handling

    FonoLibro Inc. uses the services of the United States Postal Service for all its shipment within the United States. For international shipments we use diferent curriers. We usually ship the order within 5 business days after the order has been place. Please note that hollidays such as Christmasts and Thanksgiving this may take longer. In the case of december, we usually take vacations after December 24, and all physical orders are shipped the fist week of January. Nevertheless our digital store is always open. Other hollidays that we follow are Easter, Thanksgiving, generally the last week of november. The rest all order will be shipped in the mentioned time.
    Import Duties:
    FonoLibro uses for its international shipments several currier trying to offer the best rates to our customers. However, in some countries could be additional import duties that are not our fault and are out of our control. We, FonoLibro or our Currier, do not benefit from these charges if they exist. These import duties varies from country to contry and are your responsibility if they exist.

  • Security and Private Policies

    This document defines and establishes the terms of use of this internet website, If you do not agree with these terms you should lease this site immediatelly. FonoLIbro reserve the right to change and modify the terms of use and would be under your responsibility to review this document periodically in the future. 

    The look and feel, design and content of this internet site are property of FonoLibro Inc. and are proteted by international copyright laws.
    The information that appears in the page of FonoLibro Inc. ( appears only for personal use, no commercial. They shall not be copied or destibuted without prevous authorization of FonoLibro Inc. to reproduce, copy any content of this page without autorization constitute a violation of US and international copyright laws. Fpr questions about copyright you can write us to the following adress:
    FonoLibro Inc.
    7500 NW 25 Street Of 252
    Doral, FL 33122
    También puede escribirnos a
    Tel: 1-786-345-2290
    Fax: 1-786-516-0276
    Return and exchange policy
    30 days after the shipping date. You shall send the product unoppened in its original condition. Restriction and exceptions could apply. We will not accept returns of oppened procucts or returned after 30 days of shipping date. Please include your invoice.
    If for any circunstance our product attrived damaged we will excange it for the same one withoutr cost. We only would accept these kind of exchange withing the 30 days after ship. Please include your invoice.
    Data and your password
    You can provide us your information by several means, by electronic Mail (eMail), filling electronic forms, by Fax, by phone, or by registering in our page. This last one you are responsible to maintain the confidentiality of you ID and password to enter the site and any unapropiated use of this information. You are obliged to notify us of any unapropriated use of your information. Política de Devoluciones y cambios

  • How to order

    Through our platform you can order phisical (CD) and digital downlods versions of our oudiobooks and will be either send by mail or electronic delivery to your PC, Mac, Tablet or mobile phone.

  • Payments, Prices, State Taxes and promotions

    Our audiobooks are sold in US dollars (US$). The payment would be via credit card or PayPal. We only would charge sales taxes to order ship (physical or Digital) to Florida and we are constantly making promotions with our audiobooks that we announce directly to our clients or that we anounce in our social media sites.

  • Looking orders and your digital library

    Before proceding with your check out of your order you will see the content of your shpping cart. Please make sure that you are aware of the format that you are buying, either CD or Digital. Not returns would be accepted if you bought the digital version, yet you wanted to buy the physical version. 

  • Updating your information

    Make sure to have your information updated all times, including your email to don't make any errors in your shipment or receiving confirmations of orders, and to maintain you informed of new titles and promotions.