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FonoLibro’s Library Program:
FonoLibro is proud to start its program to serve libraries in the USA. Since we are just beginning with this initiative, we would appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions. Please write HERE. We will do all our effort to guarantee your satisfaction.

DISCOUNTS (Only to Libraries)

Units                          Discount
1-19                           10%
20+                            20%
Shipping Methods:
TransExpress: FonoLibro uses the services of TransExpress for all shipments.  TransExpress is a logistic and distribution company with presence in more than 180 countries worldwide.  TransExpress provides us with currier door to door service to Latin America, Spain and other countries at very reasonable price. For more information about SkyNet please visit their web page
Free Shipping: We offer free shipping for orders over 50 audiobooks (Only USA)
Please note that all UPS deliveries must be send to physical address. Shipments to PO Boxes are not accepted.
We could provide you with tracking information of your order if you include your email in the purchase order.

You can MAIL or FAX us your purchase order to the following address or number:

FonoLibro Inc.
8000NW 31st Street, Suite 5
Doral, FL 33122
Fax: (786) 513- 0276.

To request an order, please download our Purchase Order Form. You can also mail your own Purchase Order with your Library letterhead.
If you have any question, please call (786) 345-2290

Click here to download PO

In case you want to place an order through our distributors, here is a list with all the current distributors that carry our products:
In the United States:

  • Ingram Book Company
  • Lectorum Publications Inc. (800) 345-5946
  • Multi-Cultural
  • Bilingual Publications
  • Brodart



Currently our titles come in its original packages, which include Jewel Cases, or boxes with booklets. If you are interested in Vinyl cases, our current distributors offer this kind of service. Please send us an email to (Clickick Here SINGLE CD REPLACEMENTS
We replace single damaged or broken CDs purchased from us free for 180 days. After 180 days we replace single CDs purchased from us for $8.00 (This include S&H).H).

Please send the single damaged or broken CD (Not the whole package) to the following address:

FonoLibro Inc.
8000NW 31st Street, Suite 5
Doral, FL 33122

All replacements will be shipped via U.S. Priority Mail. If you have any question, please write to (Click Here).

Replacements would be made as long as the title is still “In Print.”


We would establish an open account billing for public libraries. Please make sure to include all your institution information in the purchase order.

We would like to have the opportunity to inform you of the release of our new titles or promotions. Please send an email with your contact information, please (e (Click Here YOUR FEEDBACK
Our main objective is your satisfaction and a good shopping or acquisition experience. Please se
send us any suggestion, feedback or even complains please (Click Here
FonoLibro Inc. reserves the rights to change or modify its program to libraries from time to time and without any notice.